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Over the years I have seen makeup artists use some interesting things to acheive certain looks. Some are to acheive a look for a photo shoot and would never work in real life, others are sort of refereshing, if you have a rather-adventerous spirit, shall we say.

The infamous Kevyn Aucoin was fond of using vaseline to create a glossy sheen to the eyelid-great for a downcast eye in a photoshoot but probably not so practical for your day to day wear.

Laura Mercier coated Madonna in a concoction made of baby oil and gold shimmer powder for a music video. maybe not the most practical thing for your next beach vacation.

I had the opportunity to work with Matin when he was with Mercier, and now he is quoted constantly in Allure, Vogue, InStyle, and Lucky.

He works extensively with Angelina Jolie, and he claims that he loves to stain those famous lips with Kool Aid powder and water on a Qtip. It is actually quite a pretty look, I must admit. And very long lasting. I road tested it! But how sexy is it to whip out that packet for a little touchup?

When I took a makeup class in New York last winter, one of my classmates swore that her colleagues are all using a Monistat product in place of the wonderful (but pricey) Smashbox primer.

Dubious, I googled it and found overwhelming evidence that the two products do contain a lot of similar ingredients. The Monistat item is an anti chafing gel/powder and has an amazing consistency. Imagine the raised eyebrows though when I tried to whip that out of my kit though.

What odd things have you found to use as cosmetics? Don’t say Preperation H.I think we all know that one…

September 5, 2008

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Milk of magnesia is great for absorbing excess oil when lightly applied before foundation.

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