Don’t forget Epics, Bpics, showers, bachelorette party

There are a ridiculous number of photo ops once you put that ring on your finger.

Be sure you look your best for your engagement pictures; it can be very disappointing to get the images back and find you underestimated how much definition your eyes need or that you needed a little more coverage to your face (your photographer wil loooove you if he or she doesn’t have to spend extra hours erasing that pesky zit…)

And the trend of sexy pics as a gift to your fiance-boudoir pics. If you are gonna be half naked in fron of a camera, you gotta wear some eyeliner, right?

Once you are booked for your wedding with brideface, we offer special rates for those little extra occasions where you might want to look extra stellar. Some brides like to do their trial runs on those dates, which is fine too-just keep in mind that boudoir is a often a whole lot different than bridal!

Once my clients get a taste of how amazing they look with the lashes, they will find just about any excuse to wear them again.

How about a makeup pre-party with your bridesmaids before your bachelorette party? We can teach you all how to create the ever-elusive “smoky eye”.(I always say, there is a fine line between “smoky” and “battered”)

July 31, 2008

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