Attention MOBs and MOGs!

(For those of you untrained in bride-speak, that is “mother of the bride” and “mother of the groom”)
I can’t tell you how often it happens; a client brings her mom along with her for the trial run, and the mom, who originally intended to do her own makeup, begs me to do hers on the Big Day as well.
Moms, I will NOT make you look like the Clinique lady did that one time back in the 80’s, I promise. Having a pro bring out your best features can do wonders for your confidence-after all, you will be in plenty of pictures too. And why not treat your furure mother in law to makeup too? We have super cute gift certificates(thanks to Letterheads!) and let’s face it, you hate the way she wears her eyeliner, right? : )
I actually did a wedding the other day where I felt like I was freakin’ Emeril-the bride, sisters of bride, MOB, and aunt of bride hung on my every word and watched me do every last face, asking questions the whole time, oohing and aahhing. And when I put lashes on that mom she was so tickled, she couldn’t stop staring at herself. They had an absolute blast. It was like a makeup masterclass in their hotel room!

July 22, 2008

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