So I gotta get on my soapbox just a second and remind all you brides in the planning stages-PLEASE do not hire any vendor without a contract in place! I had a bride recently who had hired a stylist to come and do hair for her bridal party-booked her like a year in advance-and less than two weeks before the event the woman e-mailed the bride to say she had other plans, leaving her scrambling to find a stylist on a Sunday.
Even if your vendor is the friend of a friend, get it in writing so he or she feels a sense of oblogation. I could personally not fathom what would make a person flake out on a client like that but I have seen it happen many times.
Save yourself some aggravation and insist upon an official contract.
Speech over. Now go brush your teeth and go to bed. Oh oops that part was supposed to be directed to my kids.

June 2, 2008

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