These are long overdue-I did this wedding the first weekend of March, the day of the big snowstorm.

As usual, Tine has outdone herself on these.

Ming was totally transformed by the “falsies”-I coaxed her real lashes into submission with my trusty Japonesque mini curler because they naturally grow straight out; same with her brows.

It is very easy to overdo it with this type of a brow as far as waxing and tweezing goes, so be very careful if you have brows that don’t all grow in the same direction!

She is quite the glamourpuss, is she not?

On another note, I am abashed that I was in Shelley’s salon (Michelle Connley & Co;Hyde Park) with hair like that-but remember, I was digging my car out for an hour that morning!

April 21, 2008

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