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“How not to look old” by Charla Krupp

I have read a lot of beauty “self help” books and am an addict when it comes to fashion magazines, so I really didn’t expect to come away with anything new or refreshing here. You may have seen Krupp on “the Today show”-she regularly has done segments on top rated beauty products and has held high positions at many leading fashion and beaty publications. But she points out that she is not the typical NYC fashionista; she is admittedly “high maintenance”, but comes from a modest midwest background, and does recognize that not everone is going to buy a $600 face cream, get porcelain veneers, and inject restylane into their face.

I also love that she says right up front that this book is not about how to eat healthy, exercise, get more rest, and take vitamins. She knows that we all know all that and just want to know how to look ” 10 times better,10 years younger, 10 pounds thinner”-right now.

I was waiting for this on hold at the library forever and finally broke down and bought it and I actually love it. She a has a very non-b.s approach and is brutally honest about what is worth splurging on and what isn’t. I have begun looking at women at Bigg’s in a whole new way with her mantra of “that is so OL”(Old Lady) or “that is so Y & H)”young and hip”.

Krupp admits to having had quite a bit of tasteful nip/tuck and extensive work on her teeth, which is certainly to be expected of a television personality. But she gives a lot of “real world” advice forpeople wanting to look their best on more modest budgets. She is right on with her skincare and cosmetic advice about what to spend (or save) money on.

The fashion advice is probably the best. She claims that in general, only 19 year olds look really good in $20 jeans and says that high end denim is one thing that is well worth the money to make your body look amazing. Gives me a good excuse to shop for $200 jeans…

And of course she points out how not to look like you’re trying *too* hard to look young(we’ve all seen that!)

Despite the somewhat humiliating title, I highly recommend this to anyone wondering if they should still be working the look they had in high school.

March 24, 2008

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