emergency kit for wedding day

I had a wedding yesterday where there were very organized people present; the maid of honor is an event planner, there was a day of coordinator (Julie Schmidt; shout out to you!) and another attendant who got married two weeks ago, so she’s up on what you might need in a pinch. It got me thinking, and I wanted to share some must- haves, gleaned from doing about 60 weddings this year (so far):

shout wipes

stain remover pen

Mr Clean stain removing sponge(works great on mystic or self tanner mistakes)


baby wipes and /or antibacterial wipes

hankies(tissues can leave lint on eyelashes!)


Tums and/or Pepto Bismol tablets

batteries(for uncharged cameras!)

foot petals

Hollywood tape

shimmer body lotion(you can even make your own by adding a sparkly powder to a fave lotion)


extra toothbrushes/toothpaste



model in a bottle sealant spray

bobby pins

blotting papers

visine and/or saline solution

scissors! (everyone forgets these)

bandaids/liquid bandaids


earring backs

emery boards

hose(do people still wear them?I guess if you’re REALLY nice, buy a few spanx that go to above the knee)

BLACK SOCKS(yes, your groomsmen will forget)

clear nail polish


static guard

sewing kit


STRAWS (no one remembers these but they always wish they did; so you don’t mess up lips)

lint roller

straight pins/safety pins

q tips

Aquaphor(great as a lip balm, to put on any skin irritation, dry skin patch, etc)

white chalk (to put over a wedding gown stain)

baby powder(you would be amazed how -er-dewy-you get when putting on your corset/bustier/underthings!)

protein bars

bottled water

nail polish remover wipes

Jump in if you see anything I have forgotten!

August 6, 2007

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Nancy! It’s Vivian. I’m the bride whose wedding you were talking about in this post! The thing that came in really handy for me and my girls was actually a bottle of WHITE nail polish. All my girls who got french manicures were touching up their nicks and dings before the wedding – super helpful. Just thought I’d add on – oh, and you did a superb job on everyone’s makeup for us! I really appreciate it. You’re awesome! Thank you so much 🙂

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