The Red Lip-?

Ah, the classic red lip. On one woman it can be sexy and powerful. On another, a pair of candy wax lips.

I believe the winners here are Scar Jo and obviously Gwen Stefani, Queen of Big Red Mouth.

I am all for the porcelain skin tone, but somehow the red on Nicole is a little corpse like. And while Gwyneth’s lips are a little too thin to pull off the blood red, Kate Winslet’s are a little too voluminous. And as for Ashley Olsen, well…too much eye with that lip color takes it way more Goth than I generally like, especially when your head is far too big for your body.

I like Anne Hathaway but she is just a gigantuan pair of lips here.

The other issue with wearing a strong lip color is maintainance. You don’t want it smeared up to your nose or on your chin all night and have nobody give you the heads up. You’ll have to use a straw and eat only very small finger foods. Although one of my best friends has very (naturally) large lips and she has the astounding ability to eat an entire meal while wearing bright red lips and keep them absolutely pristine.

I just think you’re either a Red Lip Personality or you’re not. Maybe we’ve been looking at clear gloss and nude lipstick for so long that this just shocks our senses?

May 1, 2007

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