Laura Mercier mineral foundation

I had the chance to use this on several clients on Friday and I really like it. I tried very hard to jump on the mineral foundation bandwagon a few years ago; I know that so many people adore bare escentials but I just couldn’t hang with how cakey, flat, and dry it looked. Plus the makeup artist who sold it to me recommended using it under the eyes as concealer. Good idea, if your goal is to add ten years to your face.
I used Laura’s foundation primer under this, let it dry completely, and then buffed the powder in with their new finishing brush. This product has a luminosity that I really didn’t expect, and very good coverage. I would never use it for wedding makeup, but for a super quick”mommy face”; sure.Especially for someone super oily. I recently read an article in Allure that debunks the whole notion of mineral makeups being more beneficial for your skin, which makes sense. Usually if something seems too good to be true, then you have your answer.
Being a huge fan of a dewy look, I would probably recommend Laura’s tinted moisturizer over this product, but there are still some matte lovers out there who would really dig this.
Mercier also has some new plumping lip glosses that look and feel wonderful; again, being one of the thinnest lipped people on the planet, I am dubious as to whether plumpers actually work, but I am addicted to the tingly sensation they give.
I will be working a national Artist Event for Laura Mercier downtown at Saks on Friday May 11th-if you are interested in trying out their products, call 513 421 6800 x366 to reserve an appointment.(I worked for Mercier for over eight years and still about 90% of my kit is her stuff; love it and her!)

April 21, 2007

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