airbrush tanning

Is it just me, or does Jessica look a little oompah loompah-ish here?

I purchased a airbrushing system a couple months ago. I labored over which one to buy for weeks and then by the time it arrived I was way to busy to become proficient at it,but I am finally getting around to practicing. I am looking forward to doing foundation and blush with it-it is extremely long wearing(10-12 hours) and it looks so natural; gives almost no texture on the skin, like you’re wearing nothing.
Last week I airbrush tanned a friend from for a wedding she was in and I think it looked fabulous. None of the streaking or drips you tend to get from mystic or liquid at-home tanners, and it faded evenly, not like most fake tans where you look somewhat like you’re molting… and very golden brown, not at all orangey.
I’m sure it will be very popular with brides, although we won’t really be able to do it on the day of the wedding; for a Saturday wedding a Friday morning “tanning” would be ideal. And once I get really good at it, I can contour too; give washboard abs,etc…any takers?

April 18, 2007

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