Owner, Founder, Lead Artist
There are two questions that pop up constantly:
  1. What’s your favorite mascara?
  2. How did you get started doing makeup?
The obsession began around high school when I would use every last bit of my babysitting money to buy makeup and try to recreate the looks I found in the magazines.

Fast forward a few more years and I had the opportunity to train with celebrity artist, Laura Mercier on events in Chicago and New York. Um, hello. Dream job right there. I went on to study airbrush technique with Kett Cosmetics in NYC and an became esthetician.

In 2013, I launched one of my favorite business ventures to date –the FACEing cosmetics line. I poured my heart and soul into these products (but no sweat or tears–that would be gross). Talk about a pinch me moment!


  • WLWT
  • St. John
  • Escada
  • Badgley Mischka
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Laura Mercier
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Wings Modeling Agency
  • Heyman Talent Agency
  • Life's Eyes Media
  • Chanel
  • Venue Magazine

  • Samsung
  • Domestica Magazine
  • Carrie Karibo Bridal
  • European Bridal
  • Cincy Chic Magazine
  • Soho Boutique
  • Keep it Tight Fitness
  • Matson Money
  • Isle of Skye Cashmere
  • Project Iris
  • American Cancer Society
Book Nancy!
Nancy did my and my bridal party's make-up, and it was stunning. Everyone looked amazing and we received many compliments. She was professional, but also sweet and fun and easy to be around. I am so glad that she was there to make us look gorgeous!!
Nancy did makeup for me, my bridesmaids, my mom, and mother-in-law. Everyone looked stunning, but not overly made up. All of us just looked like the "hotter version of ourselves." I received so many compliments on my makeup that day. And it was so convenient to have her come to us–no waiting around in a salon all morning. Nancy is the best, I highly recommend!
I used Nancy Dawson for my wedding and engagement sessions, and she really knows how to bring out the best in you. She is not only a talented makeup artist, but she is so much fun and really entertaining. I wish I could have Nancy do my makeup every day!
I've used other makeup artists for friends' weddings, but Nancy is lightyears ahead of the curve. She is the absolute best. You want Nancy with your on your special day.
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